Sunday, May 2, 2010

Step 2

After running out of money, especially Uncle Sam's tax money, and assets to sell we simply quit making our $2,000.00 per month mortgage payment in November, 2009.  By the way, we purchased our home in May, 2003, and never missed a payment until we quit paying last November.  It took awhile to recognize the truth...we were going to lose our home.  Alright, we paid $250,000 for it and it's now worth $154,000.  It didn't mak financial sense to keep it, but if we lost it, we'd have to move into a trailer part, but wait...they wouldn't let us in because of our low credit rating.  Neither would any apartment landlord.  Where would we live?  So, we filled out an Application for the Obama Plan in early March, 2010.  A copy of an Application that you should fill out can be found, for free, at


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