Sunday, May 2, 2010

Step 4

This is the step where things start to get a little more frustrating, confusing, and where the bank gets intimidating (perhaps not on purpose) and get stressful.  At first the bank's blank "Financial Information Package" seems simple enough.  Simply fill it out and send in what it wants.
However, the bank gives you a short time limit to return the financial information.  In our case we had to send in the documents and the information within ten (10) after the date of the letter.  It was mailed to us on a Friday.  We received it the next Monday.  That gave us only five (5) business days to get everything together.  We sent everything out by overnight mail on Friday afternoon in order for it to get to the attorney's office on the 10th day, the next Monday.  Time is short and it is stressful.
My wife is self employed so she had to make up a quarterly Profit and Loss Statement and have a bookkeeper "verify" that it accurately reflects the figures you gave to the bookkeeper.  The Obama Plan expressly forbids the banks from demanding audited Profit and Loss Statements.  At the time we didn't know that.  We were so busy getting all the documents and information together that the last thing we had time to look at were law books.  That was the first Profit and Loss Statement that she ever did.


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